Function of Beauty Review

I don’t know about you, but I watch A LOT of youtube. I learn hearing advice and reviews of products from other women. Occasionally, a channel would mention Function of Beauty products, but I never really thought that much of it. Meanwhile, my hair started giving me serious issues.

My hair is thick, voluminous, and DRY. It is so dry that it constantly looks frizzy, dull, and brittle. I put a lot of effort into caring for my hair and use heat very minimally, but it looked so dehydrated. I tried to go longer between washes, but dry shampoo dried my hair out even more. The frizz was driving me C R A Z Y.

So I did what any other reasonable woman would do, I turned to facebook for recommendations. I had a few mentions of products for curly hair (mine is not), and of course a pyramid schemer reached out. One quick google search showed lawsuits for chemical burns from that brand- NO THANK YOU. Then, finally, a sweet friend mentioned Function of Beauty.

So I say, why not? What did I have to lose?

I got to their website and take the hair quiz. My hair is wavy, medium structure, & dry. I chose deep condition, anti-frizz, shine, fix split ends, and hydrate as my 5 hair goals. I went with all (you) calyptus scent and dye free. I got 1 8oz shampoo and 1 8oz conditioner for $39 and a 7.5 oz hair mask for $19. The products arrived in about a week.

I thought they were a little pricy, but I have been using a $24 serum on my hair that did NOTHING for my frizz, so I was desperate.

I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with these products, and I saw a huge difference after only one wash. Oh, and the smell is AMAZING. I also love that these products are vegan and cruelty free.

If your current products aren’t working for you, then I highly recommend giving this brand a shot! Also, here’s a $5 off coupon 🙂

Let me know in the comments what your favorite hair products are or if you have tried this brand.