What an Enneagram 6 needs you to know

I’m an enneagram 6 aka “The Loyalist.” This means that I am a super committed person and need to feel secure at all times. In order to understand what makes me tick, you need to understand a few things…

1: Just because I like security doesn’t mean I’m just “clingy.” Okay, I won’t lie and say that I have never been clingy before, but it is much more than just that. I enjoy feeling secure in my relationships, and I am super sensitive to changes in energy. If something is off, I will notice because it threatens my security.

2: I am basically a labrador retriever. I’m obviously not a dog (though that would be way more fun), but I am certainty as loyal as one. Once you earn my trust, you can expect me to be by your side for basically forever.

3: Telling white lies and omitting the truth are just as bad to me. I hate all lies. Any act of dishonesty is painful to me, so if you care about me, then please don’t lie.

4: I am going to get the job done. I care way too much about honesty to let someone down without explanation. Even if I am upset, I still try to do my job to the absolute best of my ability.

5: I can see problems before they happen. If I see that something isn’t going to workout, I let you know upfront to save heartache later.