5 tips for wedding dress shopping

1: Pinterest, Pinterest, PINTEREST. Find dresses that you like, and don’t pin dresses that you don’t like. There are millions of dresses out there, so you need to find your style. This will help tremendously because you can show your board to the stylist when you go to your bridal appointment.

2: Calculate your budget and STICK to it. Do not assume that you won’t find your perfect dress without spending a fortune. It’s a lie. The price on the tag means nothing if you don’t feel beautiful in the gown. And you can feel beautiful in a used, thrifted, online, handmade, boutique, whatever dress. And I promise you, your partner doesn’t give a crap about the price.

3: Do your research. If you are balling on a budget (like me), then you need to be aware of the costs that go into wedding dresses. Some materials cost way more than others because it is so delicate to make. You can choose fabrics that work for your budget. Also, you can find brands that fit your price range.

4: Don’t forget about alterations. One of my close girl friends told me that her alterations cost MORE than her dress. I about fainted. Make sure you know that alterations need to be apart of your budget so you aren’t blind-sided. Simply adding breast cups and a bustle to your dress can be a pretty penny.

5: Don’t forget about accessories. Veils are expensive- like ridiculously expensive. Instead of throwing half a grand out the window, try borrowing one from a friend or relative. It adds a sentimental touch and saves you money. And beaded belts at the bridal shop are ridiculous. Look at Etsy.com before they convince you to buy one for a few hundred dollars.