Why I chose to study Psychology

I’ve been an amateur psychologist my whole life- I just didn’t know it. You know the school science fair? Well I was required to complete 2 projects in middle school. And looking back now, I realize that both of my experiments were based in social sciences. My first was a project that tried to see if people could determine a genuine versus a fake smile. My second project was based on texting and driving where I wanted to find out if reaction time is worse the more deep a person is into a conversation. Little did I know, I was dipping my toes into social and cognitive psychology, a field that I would later get my degree in.

But I didn’t start out as a psychology major. Actually, it wasn’t even my second major either. I struggled BIG TIME to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I started college as an elementary education major, because school came naturally to me, but I hated the teaching classes. So then I switched to social work, but the classes were gut-wrenching. I respect social workers so much, but I didn’t think I could do what they do everyday.

Then I thought to myself, “what type of classes have I loved the most?” Of course, it was my psych classes. They intrigued me intensely, and the material that I learned really seemed to matter in the real world. I feel in love with the practicality of the field and it’s research creativity. Fast-forward a few years, I now study Educational Psychology in graduate school. We study how people learn, and this field fascinates me daily.

I hope this inspires someone to find their passion. Let me know in the comments what sets your soul on fire.